Spirotech-SRD – A brief company history

Spirotech was founded in 1979 by John Owen and Derek Wheldon who set up a small workshop in Great Staughton, mainly to produce screws and replacement flight segments for the agriculture and cement industry. By the early 1980’s Spirotech was employing 8 staff and continuing to grow month on month. John and Derek identified a gap in the market and made the brave move to take on a mortgage and erect a purpose built factory in St Neots, and by the mid-1980’s had moved on to the design and build of bespoke conveying systems. The market for these goods flourished and Spirotech started to export its products all over the world to a range of markets including food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

40,000 square feet factory

By the mid-1990’s Spirotech had grown to be one of the biggest and most well-respected suppliers to the bulk handling sector in the UK. This in turn led to the need for even further expansion and by the late 1990’s Spirotech had moved again to a 40,000 square feet factory enabling the business further room for growth.

Spirotech facility
Spirotech-SRD’s 40,000 square feet facility in Sawtry.

Forming the Spirotech-SRD Group

During early 2005 Spirotech was sold to the SRD Group – a move which introduced silos and pressure vessels, along with screw conveyors, in to the scope of supply which opened up new markets for both companies. Since Spirotech and SRD were merged together the level of investment now exceeds £3 million, paving the way for Spirotech-SRD Group to continue to be at the forefront of its sector right across the globe.

Over the last 35 years Spirotech has built its reputation on quality products engineered to the highest level. Spirotech today employs over 70 staff, some of which have been with the business since its doors opened in 1979, and remain the life blood of the company ensuring their years of experience is passed on to the next generation of staff.

Service and maintenance facility in York

2013 saw Spirotech-SRD Group open its doors to a new service, maintenance and spares division based in York. This has allowed Spirotech-SRD  to offer service plans for all the equipment produced, plus spare parts. The service team are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For further information about this service please don’t hesitate to contact Spirotech Aberdeen.

Spirotech YorkSpirotech’s service, maintenance and spares division based in York.

Aberdeen – Next stage in strategic growth initiative

Witnessing a significant gap in the Oil & Gas Industry for fully Certified Hazardous Area Screw Conveyor Systems, Spirotech-SRD decided once again to take the brave move to offer the industry an alternative source of Equipment supply.

In 2017 Spirotech-SRD Group Ltd opened its Aberdeen facility, as the next stage in a strategic and managed growth initiative. The company, with its strong reputation for high quality design and manufacturing, has over 35 years experience in handling complex projects which are required to operate under arduous conditions with both high temperatures and high pressures to consider.

Spirotech are pleased to have a presence in the acknowledged worldwide centre of the oil and gas industry and have chosen a base close to Aberdeen’s airport to aid, quite literally, flying visits from busy customers enabling Spirotech to easily welcome and showcasing their services.

Contact Spirotech Aberdeen for more information

For further information about design, manufacture and testing of screw conveyors, pressure vessels, or any of Spirotech’s products or services, please contact Spirotech Aberden on +44 (0)1224 502038 or by email to sales@spirotech-aberdeen.co.uk

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Spirotech-SRD Group website

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