Safety is a number one issue for all types of business but when working in the oil and gas industries, where space is often tightly restricted, safety is of paramount importance. Spirotech Aberdeen uses only the highest quality materials in its product manufacture and specifies superior safety curtains and blankets for maximum protection on site.

Next generation pressure test barriers and blast curtains

Spirotech Aberdeen provide cutting edge engineered pressure test barriers that safeguard personnel, save money and streamline operations. Use of revolutionary materials make barriers pliable, mobile, and efficient and therefore possible to apply barriers in places where no feasible solutions exist with traditional materials. Oil & gas operators now have the ability to pressure test equipment without shutting down or evacuating a rig.

Spirotech focus on providing engineered industrial safety solutions for pressure test safety and personnel protection, placing a strong emphasis on developing and utilizing cutting edge materials for every scenario. Revolutionary energy absorbing, fire proof, and insulating materials are common throughout our blast curtains products with simplicity a primary focus when proposing solutions.

Spirotech Aberdeen supply Blast Control safety curtain products

Spirotech Aberdeen is forging alliances with some of the most prestigious supplier companies to the oil and gas industry to ensure that Spirotech’s offering is second to none in terms of quality, safety and speed of delivery.

Blast Control logo

Blast Control provides cutting edge engineered pressure test barriers that safeguard personnel and alleviate Non-Productive Time for operators and manufacturers in numerous industrial markets. The company exists to fill a void in industrial safety standards. Blast Control possesses the ability to offer solutions that can truly save lives and the entire team treats this ability as a great privilege and great responsibility.

Blast Control comments:

Blast Control has aligned with U.K. based Spirotech Group to provide and install Blast Control’s products in the European and North Sea markets. The two organizations share a set of values and expertise that guarantees operators and manufacturers in this part of the world will be provided with unrivaled customer service and products.

Blast Control is the original manufacturer of flexible pressure test barriers and this is their core business. Each system is engineered and designed specifically for the application at hand and the product’s capabilities have been proven by numerous third party tests.

Blast Control product features

Blast curtainsBlast curtains for the oil and gas industries

Blast curtainsBlast curtains for the oil and gas industries

Mobile and modular systems allow normal work to continue

The proprietary Torque Lock System allows for multiple blankets to be attached to one another rapidly, making it possible to deploy a barrier of virtually any size, anywhere, at a moment’s notice. Additionally, blankets can be torque locked together front to back, effectively doubling the mitigation capabilities of the system. Products weigh only about 0.75 lb/ft2 and roll up easily for transport or storage. The Pressure Pro™ and Blast Pro™ products are constructed utilizing materials weaved in an Auxetic arrangement. These materials are remarkably energy absorbing, cut resistant, and abrasion resistant.

Blast curtainPossible to deploy a barrier of virtually any size

Blast Control blast and safety blankets roll up easily for transportationBlast Control blast and safety blankets roll up easily for transportation

Flexible pressure test barriers negate the need for a booth

Spirotech Aberdeen supply Blast Control mobile pressure test barriers which can be wrapped around high-pressure equipment to form structure-less enclosures. Whether large or small, in a facility or in the field, Spirotech has an engineered solution that will protect your team and save you time and money by providing engineered pressure test enclosures that are making the need for big traditional test bunkers obsolete.

Mobile pressure test solutions

flexible pressure test barriers

Videos show Blast Control products successfully tested

Custom pressure test enclosure system

Pressure Test Enclosure System featuring retractable doors and roof for overhead crane access. The 40′ long x 20′ wide x 15′ tall enclosure provides drive through access for semi trucks.

Projectile perforation/ballistic limit testing

The Pressure Pro™ & Blast Pro™ products have successfully passed projectile perforation/ballistic limit testing. The products were tested to failure.

Pressure Pro™ blanket demo

The Pressure Pro™ blanket demo with 12,000psi water jet.

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